11th School Nationals Artistic swimming championships 2023.

On 25-26 March 2023 in Singapore were held the 11th School Nationals Artistic swimming championships 2023 with representatives from 64 Singapore schools.

10 RASA sportsmen participated in 4 disciplines representing their schools:

Solo Primary Dev D

  • Yeo Yong Qing RASA /Raffles girls Primary - Gold
  • Dev D RASA/ Primary Raffles girls school- Champion
  • Yeo Yong Qing - Overall Raffles girls school Primary - Silver

Solo Invitation Junior 1. Vasilina Tsypushtanova RASA/ SFA Eduhearts International school - Gold

  • 2. Anastasiia Ochirova RASA/SFA Eduhearts International school- Bronze
  • 3. Sophia Berezhnaya RASA/ASTOR International school- 6th place
  • 3.Mila Fransson RASA/Swiss school - 9th place
  • 4. Alena Sopotnitskaia RASA /Brighton College - 10th place
  • 5. Uliana Lobus RASA/Invictus International school- 12th place


  • 1.Andreev Aleksei RASA/Chatsworth International school 23rd place


  • 1. Vasilina Tsypushtanova- Anastasiia Ochirova RASA/ SFA Eduhearts International school- Gold
  • 2. Alan Reed- Diana Reed RASA/ Knight Bridge International school - Bronze

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