🏊‍♀️ Celebrating a Splendid Victory at Panasonic Pan Asia Artistic Swimming Championships 2023! 🥈🥉

With immense pride, we share our journey to the Panasonic Pan Asia Artistic Swimming Championships cum 19th Hong Kong Artistic Swimming Open Competition 2023. Despite our compact team of just four athletes, RASA Sports Academy's spirit soared high, capturing both Silver and Bronze medals.

Silver Medal: A testament to our athletes' exquisite artistry and dedication. Their synchronized performance was a true marvel that left an indelible mark on the judges.

Bronze Medal: A symbol of persistence and hard work. Our athletes' commitment to excellence was on full display, earning them this well-deserved recognition.

Heartfelt gratitude goes to our athletes for their unyielding determination, our coaches for their guidance, and our supporters for their unwavering faith. This victory belongs to all of us!

Stay tuned for more triumphs as we continue to chase our dreams in the realm of artistic swimming.